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…make known Jesus as the Prince of peace to everyone everywhere.


…make known Jesus as the Prince of peace to everyone everywhere.

Our Mission

“Our Mission is to remain Christ centered, Bible based & Spirit guided, Prayerfully making every effort to proclaim the true message of Peace through the word of God, by adapting different methods, means & materials to reach out to the various segments of the society.

Serving the prince of peace in partnership with churches & parachurch organizations that honours Christ and proclaims His word.”

Ministry Sessions


Rev. Isaac Sikha & Joy Sikha,
Founders of Shalom Ministries

Rev. Issac Sikha and Joy Sikha made a personal commitment to Christ while they were in the Sunday school. By church affiliation we belong to the Methodist Church. When God called both of us to Missions we responded positively.

We completed our,; BD from the Senate of Serampore University and joined on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ in 1986.

With our God given spiritual gifts of PREACHING, TEACHING AND COUNSELLING we worked among students and professionals till 2015 with Campus Crusade.

Under the clear guidance of the Lord we took a break and initiated the SHALOM MINISTRIES in 2015 in Mangalore. We are blessed with a son Jeri Ithiel Sikha who is married to Vimya.

Music Ministry

Shalom Proclaimers Gospel band

Shalom Proclaimers Gospel Band is the Music wing of SHALOM MINISTRIES. We have a Team of committed young talented volunteers who are available for the Lord’s ministry. Our son and daughter in law mentor them and offer leadership to the team

We Minister to

  • Youth & Students
  • Young Couples
  • Families
  • Professionals
  • Counselling
  • Worship Session


We WIN them for Christ, BUILD them in their faith, EQUIP them with ministry skills & INVOLVE them in ministry.

We conduct weekly Bible Studies to cater to the Spiritual needs of various groups of people.

Soul Winning will be our Heartbeat always.

Partner with us

We encourage you to join hands with us in this mission of winning souls for Christ. You can partner with us by inviting our team to your local churches to conduct Seminars, Camps or Counselling Sessions. And also, you can partner with us by giving wilfully to this Ministry.

Book a Counselling Session.

Life can be hard at times; the pain may be unberable, future may seem dark and hopeless. God may seem like he is too far from you and may seem like he is turning a deaf ear to your prayers. We’d like you to know that help is not too far away. We are there to help.